the internet is changing: on metajournalistic parody

post-truth; post-Trump

From where I jack-in this looks like an explosion.
It’s about the coming-to-dominance of a mass awareness of the inaccessibility of ‘fact,’ of a sweeping sense of an ethical irrelevance of truth value (of metajournalistic-parody). This is new in how we -en mass- perceive the mass of information. A shift in information ethics out of drowning, or a shift in very basic terms, in journalism, in the news industry, in our understanding of media, or a shift that affects the impact-related texture of data […]

This explosion also feels like a bombastic rendering irrelevant of most kinds of transparency discourse. It challenges how we mobilise towards ‘transparency,’ or freedoms defined in relation to information. It seems to me, after the Open Government Data piece, that this break in transparency discourse must have been inevitable: by and large, on its pop surface, the transparency lobby suffers all-too-easy reduction that dangerously side-lines the state [as I keep writing: “as a corrupt data-hoarder”]. Here’s a better question: Yes, transparency. But in what format?

We might visualise this explosion as a layer on another explosion,
first the on-going data explosion as is / the accumulation of digital information, the force of the rate of accumulating data in terms of storage, and then we might see this new irrelevance of truth ripple through the above visualisation, in a layer of sparkles. Like glitter: the glitter in that Trump as unicorn video.

Jonathan’s piece in nEUROsis, Neme, 2016
Athina’s work on ‘prohibition’ and conspiracy theory
the Macedonian Trump fake news deal
post-truth, Wikipedia?
krommios [will there ever be a link?] / on the opening of government data, 2016
Trump unicorn video

References on the ‘fake news’ discussion on aior-l

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