on open government data / the opening of private sector information / the dark side of transparency discourse: on the casting of the state as a corrupt data-hoarder

Κατάλογος συνόλων δεδομένων (datasets) που διατίθενται για περαιτέρω χρήση μέσω της Εθνικής Διαδικτυακής Πύλης Ανοικτών Δεδομένων data.gov.cy (RoC).

[This is to further position a collective, speculative, chaotically earnest intention to develop good local questions around the opening of government data, and to connect them with wider debates. I fronted a demo for this during NeMe’s nEUROsis. The latest version of the proposal (the primary iteration of APP0, the one app to rule them all) is for the live visualisation of basic access analytics (visit counter & such) of data.gov.cy. The easiest link to the research collected towards this so far is through http://someonehastodothis.net, and the parent-project is openpatata. The material is hosted on the Research Catalogue of the Society for Artistic Research.]

also see https://github.com/hack66/observatory

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