10 minutes & the 3rd International Summer School in Peace Studies: on Sovereignty, Conflict, and the Commons

evocative & complex rather than coherent

– from memorial politics in public space to the arts & peace economy [funding structures and labour conditions contained in the product]
– from bi-communalism, to conflict resolution, to reconciliation, to conflict transformation, to addressing social segregation (link to Evi): the peace economy & the construction of banal nationalism as the enemy
– the arts, conflict, the commons: space / place / room, bi-communal arts, international funding, biennalisation, heritage festivalisation / disneyfication, heritage fatigue

context / where I’m coming from & where I’d like to go:
– the task envelope
– the case of Brazil, the Olympics, responses in the arts
– looking critically at contemporary social arts practices
– transposing a Cy-based public space dialogical process of personal engagement and participation (participation politics, space syntax / transitional spiritual practices / circular experimentation, de-profesionalisation, self-exclusions, “giving voice”?, observing and performing / internalising: the art of government, resisting / habituating)

things that click:
– the EU and the UN peace economies: sugar-fed ants, the pink shit, and working through the fisheries paradigm
– an answer in Yael’s work: yes militarisation / incomplete thoughts on the televisation of the revolution but also the commons on other planes (spirituality / ants / hive mind)
– working through things on the ground: habits, shrines, & rituals: the filipino federation & facebook: exiting the circle, participation politics, the performance of tradition in setting up institutionalising interfaces

– Critique and the Cypriot Summer – https://goo.gl/gXWER7
– On the Nicosia Airport / E: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1pmRDkdq2mrLOgrXUZ7UMTs6Qm4-7p1mYxIpTANIue7U/edit#slide=id.g1337bc77ad_2_3
http://reaphrodite.org / Visuals: https://goo.gl/photos/M2miPWoSJHHkm8W76

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