– Can you tell me more about “Teacher Training in Steiner Early Childhood Ed and Elementary Education”? 

Building on my background in Education through Art, I’ve been informally studying and practicing* elements of Montessori pedagogy, Reggio Emilia, and Forest School without seeking certification. At the same time I’ve been formally training in Steiner pedagogy (nature-focused, mindfulness-, freeplay- and observation-based, radically inclusive, and community-embedded  –at least in its ideal forms) which has vastly deepened my understanding of early years pedagogy, and has connected me with a network of experienced educators and teacher trainers who offer support, mentorship, and guidance.

* I’ve been coordinating a local parents co-operative as a way to connect families whose needs are not quite met by the local extended-family support system (e.g. single parent homes, homeschooling or unschooling families interested in skill-sharing, families in transition from abroad, families of children with additional needs), especially during covid lockdowns and isolation. I’ve been organising events and providing support in various ways in the alternative education / homeschooling / unschooling community, and also worked to set-up a pioneer Steiner kindergarten and elementary school in Nicosia. I have now moved away from this and my priorities have shifted to supporting Forest School initiatives, but I continue my Teacher Training in Steiner education as I find it greatly rewarding. 

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