For my brothers

You are not alone. We are together in this. There’s endless love here for you. Your nephew proves it. Here is endless possibility for gentle cooperation, warm companionship, co-existence. And there is desire for these things. I wish to share with you my survival mechanisms, my ways of resolving our trauma. Of the chaos they put inside us.

I understand you. I know why you feel like this. The things that are pressuring you, I feel them too. They are wrong. You are right. Your reactions are logical and justified. Your fears are just. The violence you feel and the pain you are trying to get out isn’t yours. It was passed down to us and now we have to understand it and dissolve it. We are part of each other’s healing.
I would like to share fun parts of my days with you. To share laughter, games, small excursions, sitting with others under a tree without having to speak.

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