All one needs is an enemy: On the shifting definition of ‘political motivation’ and the Loizidou emails

I’ve been trying to understand what happened and why. Amidst the media absurdity, the offensive onslaught, the ever-deepening politics, and the strange suspension of normality, I’ve been asking questions in an effort to extract sense and political context from all this.
I do not have my mother’s permission to publish / share anything (I have the opposite, for everything, all the time, except eating: she generally encourages eating, wearing warmer clothes, and extradition: joke, I hope, not sure, is it her job or is it too friendly? Or is it the Russians? Wait, which of the Russians?). Most importantly I do not wish to cause her harm by attracting attention, but given the turn of events, the apparent dominance of thoughtlessness in public opinion (including the Επίτροπος Προσωπικών Δεδομένων + Anastasiades’ encouragement that she be tried by media / treated as guilty until proven innocent, and for what?) I am very worried and I think it’s crucial to put things down as an opening to friends who might be able to help think ahead.


  • Who stands to benefit from the hack, the smear campaign, and Loizidou’s removal from her post
  • Techno-political implications: Whistle-blowing vs. privacy in the Cy political landscape
  • Reasons I’m very worried
  • References


There’s been a gag order.
Please request access here while I figure out how trying to collect and cross-reference information about what’s happening around my mother could land me in prison.


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