on dwelling w/ Stephanos [leaves, fruit, and stone]

As posted elsewhere:

I’m glad that you will be using the house. I have great affection for it. It’s been a process for me to let go of the perceived need to turn it into my home, or to come up with a master-plan about “improvements” and instead to simply share the house with interesting, warm, creative people. This was the idea Alkis and I had: that the house could be available for people who might like to come stay for a while and work on their own things, and perhaps begin to think about frames, ways, forms, or ideas of dwelling, and possibly suggest or leave behind a small intervention: a personal art-project to be discovered by others. This is very close to my heart and it came out of conversations that wouldn’t have happened if not for the visit of Patrick Wright and his wife Claire. Please feel free to use everything!

There are extra sheets and towels in the closet upstairs.
The shower is fiddly but you can figure it out.leaves, fruit, and stone.gif

Previous dwellers
Patrick and Claire Wright
Stephanos Stephanides
Lina Protopapa & Camilla Wasserman
Alexandra Manglis, Ayiannis Koutsavakis, & Loui-shilloui
Realexis Christofides
Anna & Dj Magos
Carolina Cortes & Livia de Moura
Vendo Ações Virtuosas
Silvia Hadjigeorgiou
Elizabeth Hoak-Doering
Jack Piziakos and Kathy

History of the house over coffee or wine

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