Japanese noise pop in Kaimakli

Link to video piece

やさしいにっぽん人 (Hatsune Kaidan, 2013)
Kaimakli glitch (nee, 2015)

This fetisthistic imposition on Hatsune Kaidan’s “やさしいにっぽん人” [Track 2, Vacant World (2013)], was made by nee for ne’e jouissance: a brief digital-art love affair in Kaimakli, Cyprus, in September 2015. It uses Hijokaidan’s experiment with the Hatsune Miku vocaloid to avatar-ize a local glitch (art) accident.

Derivative of conversations with

Conceptually connected to
https://www.facebook.com/nee-jouissance-1620240961562789/ [deleted]

Audio track used with Hatsune Kaidan’s permission.

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