Cultural historian fails Police Entrance Exam / On the wonders of civil service / A family of (bad) corruption jokes

I really wanted to be a police officer. The dream was dashed when I realised that I couldn't produce passing transcripts during the Police Exams. I didn't have it in me to suspend critical thought in a way that would allow me to go through with it / answer the exam questions. It had become clear that this was the underlying requirement. What was left was to undergo the exercise as a kind of performance.

on the Nicosia Airport (2016)

OR Unpacking Chapter 7. Conflict as capital: Contemporary art and the heritage of conflict OR Harlem Shake: The UN and libidinal resistance in Cyprus OR PhD Tips: Getting through the Viva Click here for full screen Citation: Loizidou, C. (2016). "On the Nicosia Airport." Presented at the "Troubled Contemporary Art Practices in the Middle East:… Continue reading on the Nicosia Airport (2016)

Monumental Microhistories: Paradoxes in Cypriot commemorative art and their extensions

The below is a introduction to the why a t-shirt [insert image] is the most immediately complex art piece to come out of Cypriot politics, in the 21st century. Coming out of a larger study of Cypriot memorial politics and the Cypriot art and peace economy, this presentation isolates a series of anecdotal paradoxes in… Continue reading Monumental Microhistories: Paradoxes in Cypriot commemorative art and their extensions