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What follows should, eventually, lead into a piece discussing conflict-resolution in open communities, and the handling of authoritative mentalities. The sheer power of hierarchy-assuming or hierarchy-constructing exclamations of 'no' is always surprising to me. As is the arrogance, the injustice, the power-plays it contains, as is the speed, the insensitivity, and the ease with which… Continue reading openness, democracy, hack66, Phygital, and

not(es) on participation [on writing (on art) in the first person]

I wrote this for NeMe, mid-2016 It's one of my free-est texts, and it connects my thinking about art, tech, and openness into a kind of politics of civic participation, locating experimental comments on this in the Cypriot arts. Here it is in full / to be occasionally updated. Caption: A piece by Natalie Yiaxi,… Continue reading not(es) on participation [on writing (on art) in the first person]

on hackathons and other things

- A review of hack{cyprus}*12. - A review of SpaceApps 2014. - A review of the THATCamp Cyprus 2011 unconference. - "Dimos's Εxodus: Γενικά για το open source, το κυπριακό start-up culture, & τα κοινά / υφέρποντες ιδεολογικοί παράγοντες & δυστοπικές κατευθύνσεις, 29/10/2014" an online discussion with Dimos Dennis.